A conversation with Bri Lee – Author, Survivor, General Powerhouse

Back when I first read the proof of Bri Lee’s memoir, Eggshell Skull, in early 2018, I was impressed with how much the force of her personality and determination came through the writing. It’s a gruelling, heartbreaking and ultimately triumphant account which, when you finally close the book and set it down, makes you feel as though you’ve come through a kind of hellish mental obstacle course with a dear friend. 

I drew a picture of Bri back then and wished the book well, and was gratified to learn of its success since, and we’ve been in touch every so often. I contributed some illustrations to the campaign Bri and Dr. Jon Crowe undertook, to change Queensland’s outdated ‘mistake of fact’ defence.

I have a giddy idea that one day I’ll paint Bri’s portrait in a manner befitting her excellence, but in the meantime I made her this newer drawing and presented it when she had a speaking engagement in Perth.