An Invasion Day 2020 protest sign sampler

I went to the Australia Day / Invasion Day protests in Perth city on Sunday 26th with Cassie. We made a note of our favourite signs (#TooStrongForYouKaren was a crowd pleaser). I made one referencing traditional tattoo flash with a treacherous handshake and replaced the ‘Trust No One’ text with ‘Sovereignty Was Never Ceded.’

Australian picture book covers translated into Noongar Language by Cassie Lynch and illustrated by Anne Barnetson

Kaya Bandang! (Hello everyone!) Illustrator Anne Barnetson and writer Cassie Lynch have brought best-loved picture books and Aboriginal languages together for this special series in honour of Children’s Book council of Australia’s Book Week 2019. Cassie is a descendent of the Noongar people and translated the titles of these famous picture books into the Noongar […]

Day Job Dress Codes

Sometimes a day will start with a couple of hours sketching in court and end behind the counter at my bookshop job. This requires a change in heel height and sensibility (if not the loudness of my pants). When I’m in court, I usually sit with the journalists in the media section and a business […]

Portrait of a Bookshop

I’ve been instagram friends with Anna and the other booksellers at independent bookshop The Bookbird for a little while. Recently they held their first illustration competition to celebrate The Bookbird’s fourth birthday, and I drew the shop as a colourful little bird house complete with a couple of customers. Geelong local Carla Ellis won the prize, but […]

Heather Rose: Bruny Booklaunch

Tasmanian author Heather Rose launched her newest novel, Bruny, in October. I did this sketch of the author for New Edition’s social media to promote the Fremantle launch event.

A conversation with Bri Lee – Author, Survivor, General Powerhouse

Back when I first read the proof of Bri Lee’s memoir, Eggshell Skull, in early 2018, I was impressed with how much the force of her personality and determination came through the writing. It’s a gruelling, heartbreaking and ultimately triumphant account which, when you finally close the book and set it down, makes you feel as […]


A hardy and muscular French draught horse breed, Percherons are probably my favourite kind of horse to draw. This picture was a study from a photograph in graphite, and a Christmas gift to my brother. The white horse was a gift to my other brother. Equestrian studies are something I like to do to flex […]

FAIL paintings: Kenny

The first in what was to be a series of canvases, Kenny is a portrait of a real-life white tiger who died in 2008. Kenny had health problems due to inbreeding, and a pretty singular face. Painted from a photograph, 2014.

Self Portrait Sketch

I keep a sketchbook close to hand and try to make a quick study when I can. I’ve also had a mirror on the desk, which has helped with other aspects of illustration, especially the comics. Facial expressions and postures convey most of the meaning in figurative art. I must’ve been thinking hard in this […]