A hardy and muscular French draught horse breed, Percherons are probably my favourite kind of horse to draw. This picture was a study from a photograph in graphite, and a Christmas gift to my brother. The white horse was a gift to my other brother. Equestrian studies are something I like to do to flex […]

FAIL paintings: Kenny

The first in what was to be a series of canvases, Kenny is a portrait of a real-life white tiger who died in 2008. Kenny had health problems due to inbreeding, and a pretty singular face. Painted from a photograph, 2014.

Self Portrait Sketch

I keep a sketchbook close to hand and try to make a quick study when I can. I’ve also had a mirror on the desk, which has helped with other aspects of illustration, especially the comics. Facial expressions and postures convey most of the meaning in figurative art. I must’ve been thinking hard in this […]