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Cosy Girls

A digital illustration created for Flight by Paper Bird Volume 2: All Art a Story

I was delighted to make a drawing for Issue 243 of Overland Literary Journal, a quarterly magazine founded in 1954 and currently edited by Evelyn Araluen and Jonathan Dunk. This issue features work from the inaugural Kuracca Prize for Australian Literature, an award established in honour of Aunty Kerry-Reed Gilbert ‘rewarding excellence and generosity in […]

Customer Service Wolf : The Book!

The Customer Service Wolf comics were published by Affirm Press on November 26th, 2019. The book is no longer available, but you can read Customer Service Wolf in the webcomic archive.

Robert Dessaix

A sketch on a paper bag in ballpoint pen from a photograph. Biro is one of my favourite tools to draw with, since you can layer crosshatching and build up tone.


A piece created for the inaugural Aperture Gallery group show, Ghosts, Spirits and Guardians, October 2017. A playful take on perfectionism done in the trompe l’oeil style, this well-thumbed paperback has all sorts of uses.