Category: Process

Overland process notes

During the cover design for issue 243 I had a clear idea of what I wanted to represent with a couple of different elements. I liked the idea of a flooded city and the glass-bottomed boat making a window to the submerged world. I thought it was important to have a screen of floating trash […]

Xmas Letter

Every year, my dad writes an account of the Barnetson family to send to friends and relatives. It’s written with pride and goodwill, even if the brevity can be humbling (‘Anne is still working in bookshops and sketching villains, as well as the odd commission.’). With dad’s 2021 xmas letter in mind, I set myself […]

The Monster of Her Age

This month a young adult novel by Australian author Danielle Binks came out, with an image on the cover that I made. Danielle and her editor at Hachette worked with me throughout the process, and the brief had lots of detail about the main characters Ellie and Riya. We had to narrow down an image […]