Overland process notes

During the cover design for issue 243 I had a clear idea of what I wanted to represent with a couple of different elements. I liked the idea of a flooded city and the glass-bottomed boat making a window to the submerged world. I thought it was important to have a screen of floating trash […]

Xmas Letter

Every year, my dad writes an account of the Barnetson family to send to friends and relatives. It’s written with pride and goodwill, even if the brevity can be humbling (‘Anne is still working in bookshops and sketching villains, as well as the odd commission.’). With dad’s 2021 xmas letter in mind, I set myself […]

Annie goes Electric

I’ve acquired an iPad Pro with the intention of learning to illustrate digitally. Here’s the first very quick sketch done in procreate on the device – I’m hoping to post an improved version when I’m better.

What Artists Wear : Book review

I love books about clothes and how and why we wear what we do. Charlie Porter’s collection of essays, What Artists Wear is a satisfying marriage of art history and fashion writing. It begins with sections on Louise Bourgeois and her friendship with Helmut Lang, Georgia O’Keefe (whose three-piece suit appears on the cover), and the […]

The Monster of Her Age

This month a young adult novel by Australian author Danielle Binks came out, with an image on the cover that I made. Danielle and her editor at Hachette worked with me throughout the process, and the brief had lots of detail about the main characters Ellie and Riya. We had to narrow down an image […]

Margaret River Readers And Writers Festival 2021

I attended this year’s MRRW Festival as a guest of my good friend Cass Lynch, who was interviewing and on a panel as part of the festival’s program. The whole weekend was a literary delight, circulating Wooditchup with authors, publishers and other booksellers as well as readers like me. I sketched Cass and Karen Wyld […]

Family Portrait

Recently my friend Yohann got in touch to commission a birthday present for his husband, Braden. We met through Rabble Books & Games where Yohann’s picture book, Hugo: The Boy with the Curious Mark is stocked. A delight to draw this beautiful family!

Satin Brocade Jacket

I found this bright cyan blue jacket in the op-shop. Its a Chinese style cheongsam, or long shirt made of rayon from a Shanghai label called Peony Brand. The cheongsam / qipao and associated garments were adapted from traditional Chinese dress and popularised in the 1920’s although mine is not that old. I don’t wear […]

Linen Haori Jacket

I love the latest piece I’ve ordered from a favourite company, OFFON Clothing, a label based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Simona and her team specialise in linen clothing with a simple and unpretentious feel, manufactured ethically and transparently. It is an unlined citrus yellow jacket loosely based on a haori, a traditional hip-length Japanese garment worn […]